The Beards

#126; The Beards

The Beards are a famous band from Australia who are touring through Europe at the moment. They visited several European countries and played a gig in Groningen at dec 3rd in Vera.

So this was a great chance for me to portrait them, wasn’t it? I sent an email to the management and The Beards were keen to collaborate. We made an appointment in Groningen.

I had the honour to spend some time with them in the afternoon to shot them as a group as well as  individually. We had a great time, the guys are really, really into beards and although it was cold during the photoshoot, they were still in a good mood. The same evening I visited the gig at Vera and they gave a great show.

We had a great time a t the show, even for those few who are not so much into beards it is a great show. That is, if  you can handle the continous beardstroking thing and the fact that really every song is about beards. The show is fun, humorous, fast and entertaining. The Bears combine this elements with a professional attitude to their music, each of them play really fantastic and even manage to combine several music styles in one show. I enjoyed every second of it.

Let me introduce you to the band:

Facey Mc StubblingtonDSC_2958

Facey McStubblington plays guitar in The Beards, a very kind gentleman, who also has a beard.

Did I mention he plays guitar? He gave a great show on his own guitar. He finally payed off his guitar so now it is officially his own guitar, which must be a great feeling.

Nathaniel BeardNathaniel Beard

You know, this strange guy his name is Nathaniel Beard, he does stuff on a bass and I must admit he did a fine job.

He is also a proud member of The Beards and he also has a beard. Which is great, because he can now not only be a proud member of that Australian band, but also a very proud member of

John Beardman Jr.John Beardman Jr.

This man is John Beardman Jr. He has a well developed chest and arms- section. That is because he spends a great deal of the day combing his beard. When he is not combing his beard he plays drums in an Australian band called The Beards. Although it was around freezing point, John was still in Australian mode where it is around 35 degrees now. Sorry John, couldn’t help it.

As you can see, he has a beard. That makes him a great addition to!

Johan BeardravenJohan Beardraven
Johan Beardraven is the singer of the famous band The Beards. He also is keen on a hairy keyboard and every now and then he plays saxophone when necessary. I love that, because I play saxophone as well. This and the fact he has a beard gives him a special place in my heart.
But if you don’t only focus on the beard and al the beardsongs, Johan is a really, really good singer and a fantastic performer.
Let’s finish with a groupshot:
The Beards
The Beards

And some other photo’s:



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